I like the rain, the snow, the sun, the wind and the sea. I like listening to music and reading books. I love nature and science. I'm lonely almost all the time. I always try to rationalize things, but I also have a sensitive side. And above everything, I am a very simplistic and optimistic person. I hope you enjoy this blog of random stuff.
Athens - Greece - 21 - ♂
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So. I am seriously thinking about killing myself. But there are reasons for me not to do such a thing:

1) I care too much for the people that I’m going to leave behind.

2) I lack the courage to do it.

3) What if I do not succeed in doing it? What are the consequences, what will the aftermath be?

4) I have so much to live for. I am trying to see this whole period of my life as an obstacle that I have to overcome.

5) I am not a quitter. I hate quitters.

6) Killing yourself is selfish. It’s like not giving a fuck about anything, and sadly, I do give a fuck.

7) I want to give so many things to the world, and if I’m gone, that won’t happen.

I can’t decide what is worse. Losing hope or losing everything? Either way I have lost both. Both is good.

People will never care about how you feel. People will lie. People will try to take advantage of you in every way. People will not be there for you. Just because they’re people.